New recipes
waiting to be sampled
Some new proposals in our menu, all waiting to be sampled by you and your customers
Do you want a customized recipe? Our chef and technical staff will be happy to plan any dish you like. Villa Food can also supply dozens of types of fine, pre-prepared meat.

Starred dishes,
and customized recipes

Villa Food’s starred chef has created a full menu of dishes that are ready to be enjoyed and made with high-quality, extremely fresh ingredients that change with the seasons. The selection contains nothing but the finest traditional Italian meat, fish and vegetarian hors d’oeuvre, first courses, second courses and side dishes.

Villa Food’s products come in separate portions in ergonomic tubs that are ready to be heated in a microwave oven, a traditional oven or a frying pan. Plating them could not be easier and they are always exceptionally visually appealing.

Some of our products

Paccheri with pesto on fondue: a product that brings together the very best of Italy’s culinary traditions
The vegetarian lasagne are light yet delicious
Grouper ravioli with pistachios: one of the stars of our catalogue
Tuscan Soup with cavolo nero, beans, smoked pancetta and herbs
Olivier salad: a flavour-packed, starred delight
Adriatic quartet: octopus, smoked salmon, swordfish and prawn tails
The spinach tart with Montasio cheese is a real treat for both the eyes and the palate
Vegetable Caponata: bursting with freshness and colours
Octopus salad without potatoes, for a lighter meal