Villa Food: Cutting-edge Cuisine
Villa Food has created an exceptional range using the most innovative cooking and conservation techniques, while ensuring that all of the products are delicious, healthy and safe.

Shelf lives of
up to 90 days

Just as fresh as on the first day

Our easy to regenerate and store recipes prepared by starred chefs

Find out how to enhance your gourmet selection with 100% Italian-made delights and optimize your organization without having to make any structural investments. No excess, no waste and no stress. Download the catalogue
Thanks to the HPP (high-pressure processing) cold pasteurization technique, all of the taste, consistency and sensory properties of the food remain intact.

Why Villa Food?

Dishes with
healthy and appetizing
qualities and appearances
Easy to regenerate,
no waste,
guaranteed costs
Not frozen,
no additives,

More than 100 meat, fish and vegetarian dishes

Hors d’ouevre with meat, fish and vegetables, outstanding first and second courses and side dishes with vegetables and legumes. Our menu offers impeccable solutions for every occasion: a quick snack, a light but flavoursome and creative lunch, a highly refined dinner or a meal with a regional theme… They can be plated directly or garnished with your choice of ingredients. Villa Food means guaranteed success with your guests.

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Only seasonal ingredients are used to make Villa Food dishes. Therefore, in some months some of them are not included in the catalogue. Click here to contact us and find out about the whole range and availability. Write to Us